Month: July 2014

What Not To Do When You Are Living “In the Meantime”


Something speaks to us, beckons us, calls us to leave the place where we call home, to step out into the unkown.  We obey.


The destination is unclear, uncertain.  We take steps in its direction, we calculate the goal, but the outline of this new home seems just out of reach, out of focus against the landscape of the present.


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Why You Shouldn’t Run Away From Solitude

I remember when my husband and I were first courting. He was my next-door neighbor. I travelled quite a bit and to be honest, it took me a while before I noticed him beyond the traditional neighborly wave as we passed in the cul de sac.

Our relationship began casually, as neighborhood friends, but the more time we spent together, the more our relationship grew. Continue reading

Three Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without Emotional Abundance

Some days life puts us to the test. These are the days that things don’t just rock along, days that don’t unfold as we had planned or desired. These are the hard and agonizing days.

It’s ok. We all have them. We all know them well. Sleepless nights. Heavy hearts for those we love. Worries about the future. This is the stuff of life.

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