Month: August 2014

What Lies Ahead: Forging a Life and Relationship / Return of the Prodigal, Part 3

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I have these dreams that have been tucked away in my heart for some time. When the darkness steals in at night and I drift off to sleep, I often imagine what lies ahead. How he will grow. How he will build his life. I can close my eyes and envision a young, handsome man, growing strong and sure.


I dream that he stays, and that we build a life together. Continue reading

Return of the Prodigal, Part Two: What Happens When God Calls You By Name

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I sat and listened to him fill in the missing puzzle pieces of his life. With each story, a mixture of joy and pain. There is the distinct realization that in every event, every experience, we were missing. Continue reading

Return of the Prodigal, Part One: When You’re Waiting at the End of the Long Road Home

It was the Wednesday after Labor Day. I remember it distinctly ­— a day not unlike so many others before. I was finishing up after a long day at work. It was late. As is my custom, I called my husband as I drove home to let him know I was on my way.


It was already dark. I was trying to concentrate on the road as I waited for him to pick up the phone. He didn’t say hello. He hesitated a moment, then simply stated, “You’ll never guess who’s here.” I knew immediately. Continue reading

Four Things Couples Do That Keep Them Stuck

As Avery and Jack entered the office, the tension in the air was evident.  They politely found their respective chairs and sat for a moment frozen in awkward silence. Continue reading

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