Month: February 2015

The Power of Healing

Sometimes it feels as if the waves of healing never lose their distinctive rhythm. Just when I feel one wave passing and I exhale into the calm ribbons that draw the current back into the deep, another resounding force crashes against the shore of wounds within my soul. Continue reading

The Truth About Emotions (Why Positivity Alone Won’t Bring You Peace)

Ever heard the saying, “Positivity Is the Key”?  How About, “Keep Calm and Stay Positive”? 


Mantras like “If You Cannot Be Positive, Then Be Quiet,” and “Be Positive, Stay Happy,” and “Don’t Let Negativity Get You Down,” are rampant on social media outlets.


They pump us up. They feel good. Yet the consistent theme seems to be that we are always supposed to be positive, feel positive, stay positive. Negative feelings, it would appear, are not welcome, are not healthy. Continue reading

How to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Marriage

The story is far too common. We fall in love. We get married. We start a family. Yet once the kids come along, we throw ourselves completely into being the best parents we can be, to give our children everything we didn’t have growing up. We forget that a lifetime ago we once stood before a preacher and promised to be a husband and a wife forever. Continue reading

Four Pitfalls Stepparents Should Avoid

When he asked for my hand in marriage, I was excited, I was hopeful, and to be honest, I was slightly petrified. I had no idea what I was getting into.


Continue reading

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