Month: March 2015

How Legacy and the Power of Anchoring Builds Your Life Foundation

I love holding her hand. At ninety-four years old, my grandmother’s hand is a fragile hand. A strong hand. A hand that is weathered and worn with the triumphs and tragedies of life.  Though the skin on her hand is now thin, her long, slender fingers remain refined in their beauty, her nails painted the color of a delicate summer peach. Continue reading

Ten Things To Do When There is a Mountain Standing in Your Way

Have you ever stood in the shadow of a mountain and felt so small? Are there days you feel like David holding a handful of pebbles as Goliath towers in the distance, echoing impossibility and certain defeat? Continue reading

Three Things to Do While You Are Waiting For the Love of Your Life

I didn’t get married until I was 32 years old. No, I wasn’t a feminist who had sworn off marriage until I had climbed the corporate ladder. Nor was I a free spirit who was resistant to settling down into the comfortable rituals and responsibilities of holy matrimony. Continue reading

Is Emotional Health a Spiritual Issue?

I learned the hard way. Just because I was raised in the church and was a passionate follower of Christ, that didn’t mean I was whole on the inside.  In reality, I was an emotional wreck. Continue reading

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