Month: May 2015

Five Ways To Remove the Drama in Your Relationships

He was late again. One more late night at the office, one more round of drinks with his clients, one more dinner missed. When he walked into the kitchen all he found was a plate sitting on the stove. Continue reading

When You’re Trapped and Hurting and Can’t Find Your Way Out

 So strange, I wondered.


As I was walking out the back door, heading to church, I looked down to see what appeared to be a thousand tiny spatters of red embedded along the bottom half of my garage wall. Continue reading

How Emotionally Healthy People Manage Stress Better

There are times when life comes at us full-force. There is no escape. No relief. It seems as if we are caught in a windstorm, fighting against the fierce elements attacking our every movement. We are left struggling with any last measure of energy to steady ourselves, to lean in, to survive. Continue reading

What Christians Can Do To Heal the Racial Divide

My heart is heavy. I know yours is too. Every week, it seems, another new story, another life lost, another city burning. The names of Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Gardner tighten our consciousness. Ferguson, Baltimore, all evoke passions that run deep on one side or another.


If you thought race was an issue of the past in our country, you would be sadly mistaken. Continue reading

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