Month: June 2015

How To Make Anxiety Work For You Instead of Against You

We’ve all had moments where we were afraid. Fear is a natural emotion, a normal response to a real threat. We may feel afraid if someone unknown enters our home. We may feel afraid if we are in a situation where our life or wellbeing is endangered.  I was afraid one night when I was driving down the interstate and a deer ran out in front of my car.  I was terrified the day I stood in front of my television and watched two enormous towers fall. Continue reading

Why There Is Hope For Those Struggling With Eating and Body Image Issues

What a blessing it is when you meet someone whose heart beats like yours!

This was my experience getting to know my friend Constance Rhodes, Founder and CEO of FINDINGbalance, a leading non-profit resource for DAILY help with eating and body image issues. Constance is a passionate follower of Christ, a leader, speaker, author and advocate for those struggling with eating disorders. If I had to sum her up in one phrase, I would describe her as a small stick of dynamite that packs a powerful punch. She is tenaciously focused on helping those who, like her, have battled an eating-related issue. Continue reading

Three Things To Do While You Are Waiting For the Sunrise

My favorite thing about growing up in Florida was the time my family spent at the beach. I still love the beach. No, I’m not a sun-goddess. My fragile and freckled, pale skin has never stood a chance against the intensity of Florida’s sun-saturated sky. Continue reading

Four Ways To Release Perfection and Embrace a Life of Peace


Perfect. Such a nice word. If only everything could be perfect, life would be much neater, cleaner somehow.


The Merriam Webster Online Dictionary defines the word “perfect” as, Being entirely without fault or defect. Flawless. Satisfying all requirements. Being completely correct or accurate.


Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Continue reading

If You Find Yourself Lost, There Is a Path That Will Lead You Home.

The air was thick and wet. I could see the early morning dew permeate the sky and move sluggishly, labored and heavy, over the grass and in between the trees. My breath felt as heavy as the dew.


I almost missed the pair of wild turkeys as they meandered across the lawn in the way they always do, heading toward the pond, unaware of my presence. Unaware of time. Free from to-do’s.


The perfect red cardinals that fluttered between the two junipers anchoring the patio were not pressured by a check-list, by demands that sap the energy from their marrow. They flew effortlessly, nestled only in the constraints of the here and now. Continue reading

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