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From Pain To Peace



I’m honored to be guest posting today at my dear friend, Kelly Balarie’s place, Purposeful Faith.  She has been a fearless and passionate follower of Christ, leader, and cheerleader in the online community.  Let’s show her our community love and support by visiting her site and share, share, share the post on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, if you haven’t had the chance to support the “Peace For A Lifetime” book launch on Thunderclap, please click here>>

 It takes 30 seconds!!!  Blessings, friends!

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Why We Are the Most Influential Person In Our Relationships


Somehow we may think, Donald Trump may be the most influential person in his relationships, but certainly we could never be the most influential person in our relationships.


We can come up with all the reasons why we could never be that influential —our past, our failures, our weaknesses, our fears. Surely the people around us with whom we are in relationship, they would certainly be more influential than us. Right?


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I Have a Tiny Request For You

Yes, you! You have been a part of my journey. You have faithfully walked with me as I have shared the story of my past, the brokenness that held me captive for so long. You’ve also witnessed me detail the healing and the abundance that I’ve discovered in all areas of my life – my relationship with God, my relationship with myself, especially my relationship with others.

My story isn’t so unique. We’ve all had our share of struggles. We’ve all faced mountains we were sure we couldn’t climb. I want you to know that you are not alone. I pray weekly over my community, that God would indeed “heal your heartbreaks and bind up your wounds.” (Psalm 147:3) My passion for the “Peace for a Lifetime” community is to help you know and experience the life, the hope, the abundance that God has for you.

My request,my tiny request is this: our book, the book you helped me birth, is scheduled to launch in two weeks! Would you consider clicking here on Thunderclap to support the book?  It will take under 30 seconds.

Not sure what Thunderclap is?  Well I wasn’t either.  But it’s pretty simple.  By clicking to support the book, you help automatically send out a message via Twitter or Facebook at 11:00am on release day (March 7).  It’ll be like a giant social media flashmob of people encouraging friends and family to check out the book! BUT here’s the catch –> if less then 100 people join, there’s no flash mob. 99? Doesn’t work. So join on Twitter! Join on Facebook! Invite your friends to join!!! You’ll be supporting the book on release day without even lifting a finger!

And here’s the best part, everyone who registers will automatically be entered for a chance to win  a FREE copy of the book!  WOW!!!  Invite EVERYONE to join!!!   And you’ll be doing me a HUGE favor in the process. Join the Thunderclap now!



Many blessings to you, friend!




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How Poor Communication Can Destroy a Relationship


We all believe we have great communication skills. It is everyone else around us who has the communication problems, right?


The truth is, most of us are not taught how to communicate effectively. We see things, feel things, perceive things from our unique perspective and we assume others see, feel, and perceive things just like we do. When they don’t, we feel frustrated, ignored, unheard. Continue reading

Why We Can Never Move Past Our Childhood Until We Face It


Most of us find little use in dissecting our past and dredging up old childhood memories. We wonder, “What does that have to do with the mess I’m in today?” “What good can possibly come from talking about my childhood?”


For many, their family life growing up was less than ideal, and brings up painful memories that have long since been buried. Or so we thought.


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What True Abundance Looks Like In Our Relationships


There is nothing like spring! After months of endless grey skies and bone-chilling temperatures that have kept us huddled inside, the first green sprigs we see pushing out from the dull, barren tree branches make us want to celebrate with joy.


Those little green buds on the trees mean one thing – winter is over. New life is here.


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Why Unlocking the Past Can Hold the Key To Our Healing


We all have a past. No matter who we are, no matter where we were raised, we each have a story, a history that has been etched into the seams and shadows of our hearts.


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Peace For A Lifetime Video Trailer


Imagine if… we traded brokenness for healing, emptiness for abundance, chaos for peace? In my new book, Peace for a Lifetime, I share the keys to cultivating a life that’s deeply rooted, overflowing, and abundant, the fruit of which is peace.

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How God Can Use Our Wounds To Make Us Whole  


Our wounds leave us feeling frail, broken, desperately unwhole. It seems like everyone around us must be living the abundant life, but with our wounds, that kind of life feels like an impossibility. We feel helpless. Hopeless.

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When Peace Always Seems Just Beyond Your Reach

When I was four years old, I started taking piano lessons right along side my older brother, the prodigy. I practiced so hard, hoping one day I could be just like him.

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