The Key To Being The Light and Becoming a Grace-Giver This Christmas

That one lone candle burning, multiplied by hundreds across the auditorium singing, ‘Silent Night, Holy Night,’ almost as if the flames flickering together whispered that enough light could change the whole world.


When Believers stop being the light, what else is left to shine into the darkness? 


When Believers stop being the light, what else is left to shine into the darkness? Click To Tweet


We need the Light, and we need our light to give eternal hope to those who have little in this Christmas season and throughout the year.


A young woman is selling crafts in a booth, putting everything on the line to make this little business of hers survive.  With a smile on her face, she greets a customer wearing a bright red ‘Jesus Is The Reason For The Season’ sweatshirt, who mocks her products, her prices, and caustically informs her that she could buy these items cheaper online.  Her heart sinks.  Her spirit wanes.  Does anyone know she’s barely making it?  Does anyone care that she’s just holding on by a thread?


A man is waiting on his last table after working two double-shifts.  His arms are heavy, his mind distracted, and after hearing the man at the table say grace in one breath, he felt the sweltering weight of his attacks come at him hard in the next breath—all for a simple mistake. 


Everyone is looking for a fight, it seems.  Everyone is ready to pounce, ready to spoil, ready to curse anyone who steps in our way. Even Believers.  Yes, even us.


A Heart of Grace


Life doesn’t always offer us much grace, but we all are starved for grace to keep us going, to put one foot in front of the other, and fight our battles for one more day.


The essence of salvation is the heart of grace. 


The essence of salvation is the heart of grace. Click To Tweet


Wasn’t Grace what was offered to us when we were at our lowest, broken place, wallowing in our sin? Isn’t Grace the gift of the Christ child that was always meant to be given away? 


But it’s easy to lose our grace-gift when life steps in and slams the door on us, knocking us off our feet. Sometimes our vision gets blurred and we can’t see the Light or feel Grace holding us up.  Our grace-gift gets bruised by life’s disappointments and forgotten by today’s tragedies.


Sometimes it seems we can’t afford any grace.  Grace for ourselves, or grace for others.


If there is no grace, there is no light, and if there is no light, who will shine the Light into the darkness?


The Wise not only still follow the Light, seek the Light — they become the Light._Ann Voskamp


The Wise not only still follow the Light, seek the Light — they become the Light._Ann VoskampClick To Tweet


Becoming a Grace-Giver

So my heart nods as my head determines to focus this Christmas on giving Grace-gifts —Grace that sees others, that bends in and listens, that gives and loves, and offers blessing wherever I am going, whatever I am doing. 


Because our neighbors need Grace to know they matter, our co-workers need Grace to know we care. The girl at the craft show, and the man waiting tables need Grace, too, to let them know their life matters to God and to us, and that they are not alone in this cold, hardened world.


And the greatest news is this:

Tired of all the meanness out there? This is for all men, women, faith-seekers, and Jesus-followers who are longing to shine their light into a darkened world.


the more Grace we offer the world, the more Grace comes in and fills our hearts —from the bottom up, full to overflowing.


Grace begets more Grace.  And Light begets more Light.


So let’s sow Grace wherever we go this Christmas season.  Scatter it far and wide— in the most grace-less places, the most hardened heart-soil.  We all need more Grace, not less.


So let’s sow Grace wherever we go this Christmas season. Scatter it far and wide— in the most grace-less places, the most hardened heart-soil. We all need more Grace, not less.Click To Tweet


You need Grace to waken your spirit and give you Life.


You need Grace to remember that you are a child of God and that you are enough.


You need Grace to hang onto when you can’t see the road ahead and you can’t find much of anything to steady your faltering steps.


You need Grace to keep getting out of bed while hoping for a better day.


You need Grace to rescue you when your fears have overwhelmed your dreams, and you’re too battered and too weary to risk reaching out one more time.


Fear tells us to never trust anyone, but Grace tells us we can trust the One who gave us EVERYTHING. 


Grace-givers know we are all moving forward on or journey, but we don’t have to walk alone.


Grace-givers believe that every word is a gift, and every moment an opportunity to help encourage someone along their way.


Grace-givers know that seeds scattered wide will reap a harvest of life and light.


Somehow I notice the little light at the top of the tree gives out the brightest light.  As if the Light reminds me that He can illuminate my dimmest, hopeless, doubting places, too, and give me Grace that shines brighter than the stars.

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  1. Beautiful and grace-filled words, Lisa. I do want to let my light shine at this dark time of the year. So many are caught in the whirlwind of celebration without a clue that this is the season of joy that can change everything for them if they truly do business with the Prince of Peace.

  2. Such a wonderful gift…Grace! Thank you for encouraging us to be grace-givers. I’m so thankful that God shows His grace to me every day and Oh how much I need His grace! Who am I to withhold showing people in tangible ways that I care when God looks on me and showers His love in so many ways? Yes, I want to be a grace-giver!

    • I am so thankful for God’s gift of grace as well! You are so right – who are we to withhold what God showered on us? Many blessings this Christmas, Tricia!

  3. Yes, yes. A grace-giver. This is who I truly yearn to be.

    Thanks for taking us there, Lisa …

  4. Beautiful words. The toughest part though is how do we remind those that are so quick to insult that we all need to be giving a little more grace?

    • Thank you, Jessie! I believe we are called to hold each other accountable in love. We can gently in private share our concern and our heart for our friend to offer more grace because of the grace we have been extended. The church has forgotten how to speak truth in love to help each of us on our way! Blessings

  5. Beautifully written with a message that is much needed! You reminded us is that grace is something that we can show (and should show) even in the most mundane every day interactions. A smile and a kind word to someone you don’t know can make a world of difference in their day.

  6. I absolutely love this post! So inspiring, true, and a reminder call for all of us. I was recommended to last night due to my love for blogging. This is definitely a blog anyone would want to read more than once.

  7. Grace, we all need it, but it’s so hard to be a grace-giver sometimes. Thanks for this reminder to be the light shining on a hill that God calls us to be!

  8. Lisa, I certainly want to be a grace giver and a light. What a lovely reminder.

  9. I pray this is so for me – and for everyone who reads this post: “Grace begets more Grace. And Light begets more Light.”
    Thanks for the reminder that we will bless and be blessed when we extend the Grace of God to others.

  10. Grace!!! Such a simple concept but somehow overlooked or maybe overused to the point of becoming a cliche! But in reality, we awe our lives to the Grace of God by which we were saved. Thank you for challengin me to become a Grace giver.

  11. Thanks for your encouraging words, Lisa. As with anything important, we need to be intentional about our efforts, decisions, words, and thoughts. I am inspired to take on your challenge, and really focus on being a Grace-Giver!

    • You are welcome, Jamie! I often wonder what might happen if every Believer focused on being a Grace-giver? There truly would be so much light that would change hearts and change the world! Blessings

  12. Dear Lisa!

    That’a beautiful blog post title 🙂

    You are right; we cannot see on the outside which struggles people are involved in.

    Often we’re experts in setting up smiley-face although things are messy inside.

    It’s good to know that we’re not walking alone as Christians.

    With love!
    Edna Davidsen

  13. This has been a repeating theme in my life lately. Thanks for encouraging me. And thanks for linking up at #PorchStories.

  14. I love this call to be a grace-giver. It really takes stepping back, pausing and being intentional. I’m so grateful for the grace extended to me in more ways than I know I’m aware.

  15. Beautifully, gracefully and heartfelt post. We all need that marvelous grace and to share it with those we meet and those in our everyday life. I refer to it as living given to others. Being that light is our occupation as a Christ follower. This was an encouragement to read!!

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