Professionally speaking, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Nashville, Tennessee. I received an undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University and a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Trevecca University.

A former member of the Women of Faith worship team, I founded the Counseling Ministry at Grace Chapel Leipers Fork where, in addition to therapy services, I coordinate the family ministry programs, including Dynamic Marriage, Love & Respect, Parenting with Love and Logic, and Celebrate Recovery.

I specialize in individual healing and growth as well as relationship issues. In my writing and speaking I enjoy exploring the topics of spiritual and emotional wholeness in our lives and relationships.  I am a regular contributor for the American Association of Christian Counselors website, and the International Christian Coaching Association website. I have also had articles featured at,, (in), Purposeful Faith, Arabah Joy, and Life Letter Cafe. 

On a personal level, I am just a Southern girl who loves beautiful things, whether it is the beauty of words found in a deeply moving story, the beauty of a meal cooked with love, the beauty of a cup of coffee with a friend, or the beauty of far away landscapes and cultures.  I have fallen passionately in love with the journey and believe that is among the most beautiful gifts to embrace and celebrate.   While I grew up in the Florida sunshine, my husband and I now live in Franklin, TN, just outside of Nashville.


About This Community 

Don’t we all want a little peace?  My heart for this community is to provide just that – a needed refuge from all the burdens that weigh us down, some encouragement and inspiration to keep us weary travelers moving forward on our journeys, and some practical advice to help each of us navigate the challenges of life and relationships.  Whether in our parenting, our marriages, our faith, or the broken places in our hearts, this place is for anyone who dares to reach beyond the hopelessness that surrounds us and embrace a lifestyle of emotional abundance and peace!  


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