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Because For Some the Holidays Feel More Like a Famine Than a Feast

For some, holidays are a feast. For others, holidays are a famine.


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When You Can’t Hide Your Broken Places

My heart sank.


It was a phone call I didn’t want to get.


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My Favorite Books Week

I’ve always loved to read. Growing up, I would pray for a rainy day just so I could curl up underneath my covers and have an excuse to spend the entire day lost within the pages of an incredible story. Continue reading

How To Love Someone With Whom You Disagree

I grew up in Mayberry. I was raised in a time and place where most people believed in God, were proud of their country, knew right from wrong, valued hard work, and forged strong bonds between neighbors.


The older I got, the more I became aware of differences. Differences in background. Differences in lifestyle, in experiences, beliefs, worldview and just about everything else in between. Continue reading

Three Things To Do While You Are Waiting For the Sunrise

My favorite thing about growing up in Florida was the time my family spent at the beach. I still love the beach. No, I’m not a sun-goddess. My fragile and freckled, pale skin has never stood a chance against the intensity of Florida’s sun-saturated sky. Continue reading

Four Ways To Release Perfection and Embrace a Life of Peace


Perfect. Such a nice word. If only everything could be perfect, life would be much neater, cleaner somehow.


The Merriam Webster Online Dictionary defines the word “perfect” as, Being entirely without fault or defect. Flawless. Satisfying all requirements. Being completely correct or accurate.


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Broken: How admitting my brokenness brought me so much peace!

Broken.  I am broken.  It is the most freeing word that can escape my lips.

For most of my life I was on a feverish journey toward “Good-Enough,” desperate to arrive at the place called Perfection where I could find my worth, where I could lay down my struggle and be enveloped in peace.

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