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What Ships Can Teach Us About Stability In Our Lives


Many of us watch the news each evening and wonder sadly how we as a country wandered so far off course? It doesn’t seem like that long ago when we as Americans were proud of the values we held – proud of our faith, proud of our work ethic, proud of what our nation stood for, proud that we lived in a land where we were free to pursue the dream that is uniquely American — the dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


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Return of the Prodigal, Part One: When You’re Standing at the End of the Long Road Home

So excited to be featured today on Purposeful Faith!  If you want to read my story as well as other bloggers’ stories, click on the link here – http://purposefulfaith.com/what-bloggers/. You will be blessed!


It was the Wednesday after Labor Day. I remember it distinctly ­— a day not unlike so many others before. I was finishing up after a long day at work. It was late. As is my custom, I called my husband as I drove home to let him know I was on my way.

It was already dark. I was trying to concentrate on the road as I waited for him to pick up the phone. He didn’t say hello. He hesitated a moment, then simply stated, “You’ll never guess who’s here.” I knew immediately. Continue reading

If You Find Yourself Lost, There Is a Path That Will Lead You Home.

The air was thick and wet. I could see the early morning dew permeate the sky and move sluggishly, labored and heavy, over the grass and in between the trees. My breath felt as heavy as the dew.


I almost missed the pair of wild turkeys as they meandered across the lawn in the way they always do, heading toward the pond, unaware of my presence. Unaware of time. Free from to-do’s.


The perfect red cardinals that fluttered between the two junipers anchoring the patio were not pressured by a check-list, by demands that sap the energy from their marrow. They flew effortlessly, nestled only in the constraints of the here and now. Continue reading

Return of the Prodigal, Part Two: What Happens When God Calls You By Name

If you didn’t read last week’s post, you can catch up at http://lisamurrayonline.com/2014/08/return-prodigal-part-one-youre-waiting-end-long-road-home/.


I sat and listened to him fill in the missing puzzle pieces of his life. With each story, a mixture of joy and pain. There is the distinct realization that in every event, every experience, we were missing. Continue reading

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