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Why We Are the Most Influential Person In Our Relationships


Somehow we may think, Donald Trump may be the most influential person in his relationships, but certainly we could never be the most influential person in our relationships.


We can come up with all the reasons why we could never be that influential —our past, our failures, our weaknesses, our fears. Surely the people around us with whom we are in relationship, they would certainly be more influential than us. Right?


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What Boats Can Teach Us About Healthy Relationships  


Relationships can be overwhelming. We all want relationships, but how do you know if your relationship is a good one? What does a healthy relationship even look like?

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Five Ways To Remove the Drama in Your Relationships

He was late again. One more late night at the office, one more round of drinks with his clients, one more dinner missed. When he walked into the kitchen all he found was a plate sitting on the stove. Continue reading

Why We Were Made to Thrive In the Garden of Friendship

The three musketeers. That’s who we were. Heather, Julie and me. We met in college, though I can’t even remember exactly when or how we became friends. It just seems that we always were. Continue reading

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