Defining Spirituality

Spirituality can be a practice or an attitude that allows us to connect with ourselves and others. It could be meditation, mindfulness, a religious practice or simply a feeling of being in touch with your own soul and values.

Some people may have a spiritual experience while in church, while others can experience it while meditating or gardening. Regardless of how it feels, a spiritual experience is a real and genuine connection with our lives.

A person who is spiritual believes in a universal truth, despite the differences that exist between religions. The idea is that every human has the same consciousness, and that all human experiences are different but that they ultimately come back to the same place, a place of love.

Often, spiritual beliefs are not based on rules but on a principle of cause and effect called karma. This means that a person’s intentions and actions have an impact on their future, which is why many spiritual practices are based on letting go of fear.

Defining a term scientifically is challenging and it can be difficult to find a clear and unique definition for spirituality. This is why the working definitions of spirituality found in the literature are usually very diverse and occasionally contradictory.