Different Kinds of Motorcycles


Motorcycles are two or three-wheeled motor vehicles steered by a handlebar from a saddle-style seat. They are an effective way to get around town, as well as on long road trips, but they do not replace cars in all situations.

A motorcycle is an excellent choice for commuters and new riders, but they can also be fun for weekend sport-touring. There are a variety of different kinds, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Smaller bikes: Many of the smaller motorcycles on the market are perfect for navigating city traffic, saving costs and fuel consumption. They typically have 125-250cc engines and can be a great introduction to the world of motorcycling.

“Ring-ding”: A slang term for a two-stroke engine, which is often used to describe a buzz bomb or skeeter bike and are prone to polluting the air in close proximity to them. They can also be dangerous to follow, so be especially vigilant around ring-dings.

Choke: A feature on some motorcycles that ‘chokes’ off the air that goes into the carburetors when the engine is cold, easing starting and reducing engine wear and tear. It is important to know the choke setting on your motorcycle before you ride, so you can use it if needed.

Safety: Make sure that your motorcycle is properly maintained and in good working order before you hit the streets. This includes making sure that the horn works, mirrors are adjusted and that all of the key functions (throttle, brakes) work correctly.