How to Write Good News



A news story that is timely can have a big impact on a society. It can give people information about something that is happening now, or about what is going to happen soon.

Drama (storyline)

Much of the news we read in newspapers or magazines, watch on TV, listen to on the radio and find on the Internet is dramatic. That means that it is likely to have an element of drama, and it usually has clearly identifiable good and bad characters or situations.


Some events have very serious consequences that can affect a whole society. For example, if there is an accident at a factory that kills all of the workers, then this could have a huge impact on the economy.


If there is a major conflict in the country, then this can also have a huge impact on a whole society. The result of this could be a war.


The way that a news story is written will determine how much the reader will understand about what happened. It will also decide how well the story is received.


The best way to write a news story is to use active voice – not passive. This will help readers understand the story and will also make it easier for them to read.

When writing a news story, you should always follow a chronological order – that means placing the most important and current details first. This will ensure that your reader will be able to understand the entire news story and that they will not miss any of the important information.