The Perks of a Career in Financial Services

Financial services

When you think of the financial services industry, you probably picture banks, mortgage lenders and brokers. But the reality is much more complex than that. The financial services sector encompasses everything from insurance companies and securities traders to hedge fund managers, Wall Street and more. This industry serves individuals, small businesses, large corporations, nonprofits and even the government.

The industry includes deposit-taking; lending of all types (including commercial, personal and mortgage); financial leasing; money management services; custody, depository and trust services; payment and settlement systems and services; brokerage and securities trading; asset management; and other auxiliary financial services (like credit reference and analysis, investment and portfolio research and advice, and advisory and intermediation services).

One of the biggest perks of a job in financial services is that it’s a relatively stable field. While the industry is currently facing some turmoil—specifically, a huge number of bank mergers and a debate over increasing regulation—the market is rebounding from its low point during the 2008 recession. And that means more opportunities for those who work in the industry.

Another great benefit of a career in financial services is that you can learn valuable skills on the job that will help you advance your career. Many positions in the industry require a lot of problem-solving, teamwork and project management skills that are sought after by employers worldwide. And, because this is a global industry, you’ll have more opportunity to travel, explore new cultures and make international connections than you might have in other industries.