The Purpose of News


News is something that is reported in newspapers, magazines and on radio or TV. It is usually about events that are significant, unusual or important. It can also include a variety of other topics such as natural calamities, human interest stories and entertainment events.

Most people agree that the purpose of news is to inform. But some people believe that it should also entertain. This may be true to some extent. Newspapers and magazine often contain features and crosswords that are designed to provide some entertainment. But entertainment can also come from other sources such as music and drama on TV or radio and cultural events. News itself can be entertaining if it is presented well – that is, if it is short, clearly written, picturesquely described and above all, accurately reported.

In many societies news is also important for its role in promoting accountability. By reporting on corruption, scandals and unethical behavior, news can help to keep governments and businesses accountable to the public.

People are also interested in news because it can tell them what is happening in their locality or even in the world at large. News can help them to make sense of complex issues by providing analysis and interpretation. It can also offer different perspectives and opinions so that people can form their own opinions and decisions based on a deeper understanding of the issues. It can also entertain them by presenting stories that are dramatic and have clear good and bad characters.