What Are Issues in GitLab?

Use issues to discuss ideas, solve problems, and plan work with your team and outside collaborators. Whether you’re looking for a way to document support requests, gather feedback on new features, or track progress in an ongoing project, GitLab has the right issue tracking solution for your team.

An important matter or problem: He was afraid that the issue of his father’s will would be contested.

Something that is being discussed or debated: The legal and moral questions raised by the case were the real issue.

A number or copy of a magazine or newspaper, issued at one time: The new issue of the magazine was in the shops today.

The official version of a document, publication, or statement, released and distributed by an authority: An article of legislation was published in the issue of the journal.

An article that is written on a topical or controversial subject: The report caused quite an issue when it was first published.

An aspect or characteristic of someone or something: A person who is always late may have issues with time management. An issue is also the name of a band, formed in 2012, that blends metalcore and nu metal with pop and contemporary R&B. The band includes guitarist and vocalist AJ Rebollo, bassist Skyler Acord, and drummer Josh Manuel. The band has won two accolades and performed at many music festivals. Usage Note: The word issue is often used to refer to a difficult situation or circumstance, and sometimes implies a lack of good judgment. For example, a person who is accused of fraud might be said to have issues with the law, and a man who picks fights might have anger management issues.