What Is a Hobby?


A hobby is an activity that is pursued outside of one’s work and other regular responsibilities for enjoyment and personal satisfaction. Hobbies can include activities such as art, collecting, playing musical instruments, acting, cooking, reading, writing, or sports (including e-sports). The term hobby is generally distinguished from a career in that it is undertaken without any financial reward or obligation, and is usually not a means of earning a living. However, a person may turn a hobby into a business, for example, by selling a collection of coins or trading cards.

Hobbies offer a variety of benefits, including stress relief and socialization. They also help people learn new skills, which can improve job performance or even lead to a new career. Hobbies often involve teamwork, which can build friendships and increase productivity. Hobbies can also help people find meaning in their lives, such as through the fulfillment of a goal or by learning about a new culture.

A person’s choice of hobby is often influenced by the interests of family and friends, as well as cultural and social influences. Many hobbies are solitary in nature, but some, such as choral singing and volunteering, are of communal nature. Hobbies that require a significant amount of time to develop can be challenging for some people. People who are able to maintain a healthy balance between work and hobbies are able to avoid burnout. This is why it is important to find a hobby that is enjoyable and engaging.