What is Fashion?


Fashion is a term that refers to an outfit, look or style that has become popular. It can be a type of self-expression, and it can also represent a sense of identity or belonging to a group of people.

Often, when we talk about fashion, we think about clothing and accessories. However, there is much more to it than that.

The first definition of fashion is the prevailing style during a particular time. It is a way of dressing and wearing clothing, footwear, and other items that are in vogue at the time.

It may have its roots in a religious or cultural practice. A religious person or group may have a particular way of dress that they consider to be holy.

A cultural practice or belief may have its roots in a social or economic system, or it might be based on a historical tradition that has passed into the current time. It might be a reaction to a change in culture or society, or it might be a form of expression and autonomy for a group of people.

The fashion industry developed first in Europe and America, (As of 2017 ), but it is now an international and highly globalized industry with clothing designed in one country, manufactured in another, and sold worldwide. The fashion industry includes the production of raw materials, principally Fiber and textiles but also leather and fur; the design, manufacturing, and marketing of clothes; and various forms of advertising and promotion.