Writing About Issues


The term “issue” has many different meanings, but it’s most commonly associated with something that needs to be addressed. This can be anything from a celebrity’s controversies to a global problem. When you write an issue article, it’s important to remember to be balanced and avoid painting a picture that is either too positive or negative.

Gun violence is a huge social justice issue in the United States and around the world. It’s the leading cause of death by firearm and millions of people are victims of violent crimes committed with guns each year. LGBTQ+ rights are also an ongoing issue, as governments and individuals discriminate against the community through legislation, verbal assaults, and acts of violence.

Other issues include climate change, economic inequality, human rights violations, and poverty. Often, these problems can’t be easily divided into discrete categories because they have interconnected causes and effects. For example, human trafficking is a worldwide problem that impacts many vulnerable populations. It’s fueled by poverty, armed conflicts, and demand for cheap labor and sexual exploitation.

In order to create effective solutions, you’ll need to be clear about what the problem is and why it exists. This is why it’s important to analyze community problems before you look for ways to address them. For example, if kids are gathering on the street and drinking and getting rowdy, it’s important to know what is causing this behavior. Is it a lack of opportunities for children to engage in positive activities?