Writing About Issues

Issues are subjects that are important to people. They can be political, social, or cultural. Some examples of issues include poverty, war, and the environment. People are always concerned about these topics because they impact their lives. Issues can also be controversial. For example, some people believe that gay marriage should be legalized while others disagree.

An issue is an official statement or notice that a company or government gives out. It can be a report or a letter. The term also refers to shares of a company that are sold. The company may offer them to the public or give them to existing shareholders. The issue of a new share often occurs when the company needs more capital.

When writing an article about a topic that is likely to push readers’ buttons, it’s important to remember that the goal is to inform and not insult or offend. You can’t avoid expressing an opinion, but you must make sure that your opinions are well founded and based on solid evidence.

Write a thorough article that covers all aspects of the issue you are writing about. For example, if you are writing an article about troubleshooting email delivery problems, your article should include detailed explanations of how to resolve each problem and provide links to the specific steps.

Create a file folder for each issue that you are interested in writing about and start collecting articles, facts, and statistics. Once you have done your research, write an outline of your article. Start by stating your one-sentence opinion about the issue and then develop each paragraph around that opinion. For example, if you are writing about the pros and cons of GM vs Toyota cars, you could begin your article by comparing the two companies’ safety records, then explain how they differ in other areas such as quality, cost, and style.