Writing Issue Articles


When you write an issue article, you focus on a particular problem that people face. You identify the problem, describe what causes it, and propose a solution that you believe can help. An issue article can be a troubleshooting guide, a how-to article, or a news story. It may also be a scientific paper that describes results from your research and compares them to other sources.

Corruption is a global problem that hampers progress toward poverty reduction, climate change, education, health, and gender equality. It can take many forms, including bribery, extortion, vote buying, and mismanagement of resources. Addressing corruption requires international cooperation and reforms in governance, transparency, accountability, and openness.

There is enough clean drinking water for everyone on the planet, but about two billion people lack access to it. This problem stems from poor infrastructure, conflict and displacement, and lack of sanitation facilities. Addressing the problem will require investments in water supply, treatment and management, as well as community awareness and support to improve hygiene.

Among national problems, immigration and gun control top the list for most Americans. However, there is little partisan consensus on these issues. Moreover, the public’s ratings of other problems vary widely depending on their perceived impact. For example, while most Americans think that partisanship is one of the country’s biggest problems, they rate it lower than they do inflation, the economy, and drug addiction. These differences reflect the wide range of opinions on how best to solve these complex problems.